Online Security

  1. Beware of social engineering

    Social engineering exploits aspects of human trust - to trick people into revealing sensitive personal or banking information.

    Fraudsters contact their targets, usually via telephone, text or email (phishing), purporting to be individuals in positions of trust, such as bank staff, representatives of utility companies, or even the police. Having gained their target's trust, they then request sensitive information or items which allow them access to their target's bank accounts.

  2. Phishing email and fraudulent bank website alert

    Please be aware of phishing emails and fraudulent bank websites that solicit personal information from you. Please avoid visiting ORIX's website through hyperlinks embedded in suspicious emails or third party websites. Phishing emails look like official email and try to trick you into visiting a fraudulent website and providing your personal data. ORIX will not send emails to the customer with embedded hyperlinks (including those presented as QR code) to ORIX’s Tesla Financing Program website or ORIX Internet banking mobile Apps.

    Customer should access ORIX website by typing our website address into the browser or by bookmarking the genuine website for subsequent access.

    If you suspect you have received such an email that uses ORIX's name, please inform us immediately at

  3. Install anti-virus software and firewall

    Anti-virus software protects your privacy and personal data. Viruses steals personal information, take over your computer, display unwanted adverts and they can even use your computer to attack other people's computers.

    We recommend the installation of anti-virus software and firewall for protection.

  4. Make sure you have the latest security updates and patches

    From time to time, vulnerability and weaknesses are discovered in programs. These weaknesses can be exploited by hackers to gain access to computers. To prevent unauthorised access you should install the latest security patches for protection.

  5. Secure your mobile phone

    Smartphone and online banking is becoming increasingly popular. You should apply the same security measures to your mobile phone as you would to your computer.
    You should:
    (a) download apps from trusted sources only.
    (b) keep your phone's Operating System up-to-date.
    (c) limit the amount of personal information store in your mobile phone.
    (d) do not root or jail-break the device.

  6. How to notify ORIX

    We are committed to protecting our customers. If you have any enquiries, please call our customer service hotline at 2862 9268 or email at