Important Notices


Voluntary Code of Practice for Person-to-Person Marketing Calls

ORIX Asia Limited ("ORIX") has adopted the Code of Practice on Person-to-Person Marketing Calls. This Code of Practice sets out the standards that authorized institutions should comply with when making person-to-person telephones while conducting marketing activities.


Security advise for customers


Bogus Pre-Recorded Message and Phone Calls


ORIX would like the remind its customers to stay vigilant to voice messages phone calls and e-mails purportedly from ORIX. Customers are advised to protect their personal information at all times.


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Pre-Recorded Message Request - ORIX will not request customers to input their personal information or contact our staff through any pre-recorded voice messages. Customers are also reminded not to rely solely on the incoming call display, or email-address to identify the caller/sender.


Personal Information Request Through Phone Calls - ORIX will not through solicitation directly require customers to provide sensitive personal information through phone calls or emails. Customers should not disclose their personal information to any suspicious caller or third party.


Customers who are suspicious about the identities of the caller should request for the callers' contact number and name for verification and should not disclose their personal information during the process. If customers are concerned they may have disclosed their personal details to any suspicious third parties, or want to identify whether the caller is our bank staff, they should call us at (852) 2862-9268 or report to the Police.


Unauthorized Telemarketing Intermediaries

ORIX has not authorized nor appointed any intermediaries to conduct telemarketing activities for promotion of loans. If a caller claims to be an intermediary working on behalf of ORIX, this is a suspected unauthorized telemarketing call.


Authenticate the Caller

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority and the Hong Kong Association of Banks has jointly issued press releases and public interest announcements to remind the public to take extra care to authenticate calls that claim to be from banks.


Unauthorised application or transaction

You should be careful that your personal information are not accidentally shared or disclosed. If you think your information is stolen or an unauthorised transaction has been conducted, you are responsible for informing us immediately.